Monday, August 6

CITRUS (a fish)

I was really bored and excited about my fish's new toys.

Wednesday, May 23


DeviantArt held a scion-designing contest. I happen to be in love with scions.

Tuesday, May 8

Why do my E7 Wallpapers Always end up so Inferior?

^^without the gekko-go layer

^^ with the gekko-go layer

^^with the gekko-go layer, but behind Eureka

Thursday, April 5

Charisma Remix

Original work (c) Fly-Butterfly-Fly

See the original: [link]

Other work by the original author: [link]

Monday, January 29


^^^Zelpher TS SeverBanner

^^^Zelpher Forum SiteBanner

^^^Eureka ForumSig

^^^Renton ForumSig