Saturday, March 15

Jack's Tattoo

My brother got my bug up his bum and decided he wanted a tattoo too. He's more artistically inclined than I am, however, and decided to draw one himself and have me photoshop it a bit. Here's some of the results:

Here's a link to the original scan:

I think there's too much shading on the last one-- you can blame Jack. He was like. SHADE MORE! MORE! MORE!

... actually I don't think it needs any shading ;)


Sunday, March 9

My New Tattoo

It's dopamine!

""The neurotransmitter dopamine acts in the pleasure center of our brains. It motivates us to desire pleasurable activities such as eating, kissing and experiencing novel things. The feelings of desire that accompany being in love are due to an increase in dopamine.

In addition to its role in the pleasure pathway, dopamine is critical for movement control, memory, attention and problem solving."

And don't worry, it's a photoshop. I am getting it, however! I swear it!

Saturday, March 8

Jack's Broken <3

Logo for my brother's newborn band. You should check them out here:

He drew the image and I made it better :D

Tuesday, March 4


Something I made for my guild in Cabal, but I'm off the project now so it's not going to be used. And that means I feel okay about throwing it up here :D :D

Monday, March 3

Eureka sig

I didn't draw it, no.

Also things I have made:

My avatar

A guild member's avatar.

That GuM's sig:

Another GuM's sig, two tries to get this one right ;):